Income Protection

Income Protection

Picture this:  Imagine you had a 100% legal money-making machine in your garage.  This machine does nothing but print nice, crisp, legal tender all day long, and your family relies on that machine’s output to pay for bills, food, and anything else they need.

If given the opportunity, would you take out insurance on that machine to ensure that if it broke down, the money it produced would keep coming until it could be fixed?

Of course you would.

Here’s the thing:  If you work for a living and provide for your family, YOU ARE THAT MONEY-MAKING MACHINE!  If something happens to you and your money-making ability is interrupted, how is your family going to replace that monthly income unless you’re properly protected for such an occurrence?

At Dream Builders Financial Services  , we work with each of our clients to ensure that their family is properly provided for in the case of an interruption in income – whether that is due to an unexpected death or an illness such a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis.  With our help, our clients can rest assured that no matter what happens, the bills will be paid and the family will be taken care of.

Your income is more than just a paycheck.  It represents your family’s ability to continue to lead the life you’ve built together.  Protect it.  Protect them.

We can help.